Sunday, April 1, 2012

Random Updates

Short entry with random updates...

Nuvigil: Stopped taking it on a daily basis. Only take it Thursday nights now when I am awake for 30+ hours and that's working pretty well for me.

Home: Bah. Enough said. I'm working on it.

Work: Raise! Promotion! Things are finally paying off.

DM: Another term as sitter. Loving it!

 Ponderings: Tired. I slept for 15 hours on Saturday. That's not sleep, it's a mini-coma lol. Socially deprived. Started hanging out with a friend from High School again. We have starbucks dates every Friday morning and I'm really enjoying it! <3

Thursday, March 8, 2012


It's been about two or three days of rain around here. The rain always makes me a bit sad. My body has been fighting me all week, my migraines are back, and for no other reason than sheer self indulgent melancholy I've been thinking about life.
It's so lightening fast. It feels like yesterday I was in Algebra pretending to pay attention to the teacher and passing notes to my best friend. I remember toobing down the river for Spring Break and riding the four wheeler out in the Hill Country. I let those days go by without a second glance, always wanting to move forward on to the next thing, the next accomplishment, the next stage, never fully stopping to enjoy where I was at the time. People always say that you'll miss those days, and wish you hadn't let them go by so fast. I never believed it, and yet I find myself sitting here at my computer watching the rain and wishing I could rewind time... that's really all I have to say.
Don't let it slip away too fast, you're gonna miss this.